Caves (roguelike) Wiki
Caves (roguelike) Wiki

Vending Machine is a structure that appears on every location. Its appearance depends on cave types. It allows the purchase of some items with gold, and allow the exchange of emerald into gold.


  • 5x5 tiles
  • A purchase tile located at the bottom-left coner inside
  • Guarded by:
    • Caves and Acid Caves: Ninja Robots, Robots
    • Lava Caves: 2-4 demon cyborgs
  • 1-3 gate exits
  • Goods sold:




Page 1 1 Melee weapon
2 Melee weapon
3 Regular Armor Plate
Page 2 4 Bombs, rare Weapons
5 Variant Armor Plate
6 Variant Armor Plate
Page 3 7 Bombs
8 Ammo, Bombs
9 1 emerald to 3 gold
Page 4 10 Map Scanner, Teleporter, Supply Beacon,

Plasma Charge, Electric Charge

11 Health Crystal
12 Energy Crystal, Resurrection Crystal
  • Blueprint of Survivor
  • Blueprint of Haze