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Hi i am the Gunner, i am decent at editing pages and i play Cavesrl whatnever possible, most of my characters are Gunner-Warriors.

My highest record is Cave 6, with 45% of the cave being explored and died at the ancient ruins.

My favorite Armor Types

  1. Survivor: Decent stats, although it doesn't have any perk that increase your effectiness in combat, it has a lot of unique skills that will help you during hard times.
  2. Prospector 2.0: Great stats, and can craft several itens that will increase your survivability.
  3. Crusader: Good stats, one of the best armors in combat, and is very reliable.
  4. Scout: One of the best Armors for any player who like Gunner characters, it has decent stats, amazing ranged skils and no drawbacks.
  5. Berserker: Good stats, the damage increase when you are on low health is really useful when you don't have many healing itens or you are on a dangerous location.
  6. Stormtrooper: Decent stats, a good armor for anyone who wants an additional level of defence, it doesn't have any special perk but if used correctly it is a great armor.

Favorite Melee Weapons

  1. Swords: Strong, common and easy to use, the warrior's best friend.
  2. Maces: No matter how thick your armor is, this thing will pierce it like if it was just paper.
  3. Claws: Fast and strong, it but can be stopped easily by any armor.

Favorite Ranged Weapons

  1. Battle Shotgun: The stopping power of a shotgun with the capacity of a revolver, this weapon is the gunner's best friend.
  2. Pistol: Slow and simple, but the stopping power of this weapon is no joke.
  3. Arrow gun: Cheap, accurate and reliable, not even the heaviest armor can completaly stop it.
  4. Rifles: Powerful and fast, but the lack of stopping power makes the use of this weapon very limited.
  5. Revolvers: Less stopping power, but the overall speed and ammo capacity makes this kind of weapon very reliable in most situations.