• What if we make separate pages for each weapon type ?

    (Pistol and Revolvers, Shotguns and Crushguns, and so on..) This way we would have very detailed pages for each weapon, increasing the amount of pages on the wiki and help the newbies.

    If you agree with it, i already have some ideas for a page about Pistols and Revolvers, and i'll try to complete it soon as possible.

    Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

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    • -Individual pages for items can definitely help extend and complete the wiki. Yet an individual item often has very little information to make it worth the time to make a new page, considering there are so many items in the game.

      -An overview look to items (which the current page is trying to do) can give overall pictures to players. If you want to add individual page, I want the overview page to be kept.

      -I would love to see your template here or thru Caves discord.

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