• Would love to be an active part of this wiki, the more heads we have on this project the better. Have noticed some edits and have input of my own, ive been playing nonstop for a few months now. Learning from scratch is tough so this database needs more content and reliability or most the new players are bound get frustrated. Would love to chat and put our ideas together to make this the best resource for Caves(rougelike) that there is. Looking forward to reply, thanks.


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    • Thanks for your passion. Currently all registered users of fandom can edit pages of this wiki.

      I understand the feeling of beginners on the lack of info about the game but I believe we need to set up some fundamental rules here before we cramp in infomation too fast. What slow me down are that I have to take time to look into different Fandom functions and the grinding of specific items to test them out, despite my time. I guess you and many other players still have some fresh impressions about the wiki or Caves as a beginner, I would like to hear about that. Things like what is the most confusing or interesting part of the wiki/game in the eye of an amateur should help a lot.

      By the way, to those who want more guides and keep checking the wiki, I will contribute on that soon.

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