• Hi! Sorry, I know you don't want to add enemies due to unoffical names and actions, but if it's alright with you, could you at least make the basic outlines? Names are not precise, they are usually defined by the wiki creators of said game, or file names of mobs. Also, I am a native English speaker, so I can help you with grammar wherever needed :)

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    • Thanks for your edits Shadow7979!

      I was trying to make page Gameplay one of the pages that beginner will first read so I was going to keep the page short and precise. I guess it is good to brief readers about with the Gameplay page and provide more detailed infomation with some page-directed links.

      And I just created Units page. I hope that you and other players find the sorting of things good. There are still many blank spaces but I hope what's alreay filled will help finsih the page.

      One may has difficulties when trying to recognize the units only through texts. Some photos will definitely help but it's too time consuming. Also you may have more clues about the names of units and factions by visiting the RU wiki of Caves.

      Edited: Some old discussion on the VK of Caves can also provide infomation about the backgrounds and stories of the units.

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