Shotguns are firearms suited for close quarters combat, when fired their bullet also know has "shell" explodes into several small fragments being very dangerous at close range, due to this they are one of the best weapons in the tight spaces of the caves, being found with ease at mid-to-late game, a shotgun can carry only one shell, and the user needs to be skilled with ranged weapons in order for them to be effective weapons.

All shotgun types use "Shotgun Shells" as ammo.

Quality Variations (Shotguns):

Feature Bonuses
Enhanced +5% Critical DMG
Reinforced +10% Critical DMG

+5% Critical chance

Standard --------------------------
Shaby -5% Critical DMG
Rusty -10% Critical DMG

Be careful when choosing a shotgun, since the ones with lower quality tend to have either a huge bullet spread, or almost no spread at all, both lowering the total damage dealt.

Special Variants (Shotguns):


Special Feature

Midas Shotgun
  • Enemies have a greater chance to drop Gold
Eletric Shotgun
  • Eletric Damage
Fire Shotgun
  • Fire Damage
Necro Fire Shotgun
  • Fire Damage
  • Chance to summon allied skeletons
Inferno Shotgun
  • Eletric Damage
  • Fire Damage
Eletric Midas Shotgun
  • Enemies have a greater chance to drop gold
  • Eletric Damage
Blood Shotgun
  • Increased Damage
  • Less -7 HP per attack
Cursed Shotgun
Caustic shotgun
  • Creates acid polls on tiles occupied by enemies

Battle Shotguns

Battle Shotguns are minor upgrades of the standard Shotgun, they have a cylinder which has the capacity of 3 shells, each shell is shot separately and they have decent spread and good accuracy.

Quality Variations (Battle Shotguns):

Feature Bonuses
Standard -------------------------
Rusted -15% Critical DMG

Special Variants (Battle Shotguns):


Special Features

Bone shotgun T-2
  • Chance to deal Very high Damage
Fire Shotgun T-2
  • Fire Damage
Eletric Shotgun T-2
  • Eletric Damage

Crush Guns

Crush Guns are an alternative version of the Battle Shotgun, they also have a capacity of 3 shells, which are shoot togheter when the user fires the gun, dealing huge amounts of damage, however they can be crafted only, and consume lots of ammo which can make the use of this weapon unviable for long periods of time.

Quality Variations (Crush Guns):

Just like all crafted weapons, Crush Guns come in perfect quality, with a few minor differences depending on the crafting level of your Crafting Station.

Special Variants (Crush Guns):

Name Special Feature
Eletric Crush Gun
  • Deals eletric Damage
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