Caves (roguelike) Wiki

Shelter is a place at where the character starts in a new game file. Character returns to the Shelter upon permadeath or passing through home portals. Major and permanent upgrades can be done in the Shelter, where items recycling, purchase and crafting are also available.


Installer locates in the leftmost chamber of the Shelter. Players can use emeralds to install modules on their characters in each run.

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"Armor Capsule" (Armors Changing)

Players can step into the "capsule" in the middle chamber in Shelter to change their armors before journey or after returning to the Shelter using home portal. Changing armors cost 10 emeralds each time. While changing abilities cost 5 emeralds. Information like abilities and effects of armors unlocked is shown here.

This is also where every time a new character is created. Player can distribute Strength, Agility and Luck stats when creating character but cannot modify them when changing armors.

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Factory locates in the middle chamber in the Shelter, next to the armor capsule. Players can use emeralds to make permanent improvements, e.g. upgrading bomb damage, unlocking new abilities.

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Portal to Caves

The purple glowing portal located at the bottom part of the middle chamber of the Shelter can teleport character to the main places of adventure, caves, of :

  • locations 1 to 4 by options if it is a new journey, with options to purchase items and adjust game modes and difficulties,
  • previous location if used home portal to return to the Shelter.


Armory locates at the right chamber of the Shelter. Players can purchase unlocked weapons and ammo at Armory.

Blueprint of the items can be found in different caves.


Price (gold)

Name Price (gold) Name Price (gold)
Sword 55 Arrow Gun 60 Phase Gun 120
Dagger 55 Battle Hammer 70 Pistol Bullet 2
Mace 55 Energy Hammer 120 Shotgun Shell 3
Battle Axe 55 Electric Pistol 120 Rifle Bullet 1
Reflex Sword 65 Katana 65 Arrow 2
Pistol 50 Electric Katana 120 Flamethrower Fuel 5 per 10 units
Shotgun 60 Scimitar 65 Acid Arrow 3
Battle Rifle 60 Flamethrower 125 Shock Arrow 3
Long Bow 40 Claws 65 Fire Arrow 3

Vending Machine (Shelter)

The Vending Machine locates at the right chamber of the Shelter. Players can purchase unlocked items at the Vending Machine. Blueprint of the items can be found in different caves. Note that this Vending Machine is different from the guarded Vending Machine in caves.

Item Price
Elixir of the Warrior 15 Emeralds
Elixir of the Gunner 15 Emeralds
Antidote 6 Gold
Vitamin Charge 28 Gold
Robosphere 25 Gold
Teleporter 30 Gold
Map Scanner 15 Gold
Steel Pickaxe 30 Gold
Mining Drill 120 Gold

Recycler 2.0

Recycler 2.0 locates next to the Crafting Station in the shelter for recycling.

Crafting Station

Crafting Station is where character can create items from different components through crafting.