Rifles are one of the many weapons in the game, being suited for Mid-Long range combat, they are one of most powerful ranged weapons in the hands of any character with good ranged skill.

There is currently two types of Rifles in Cavesrl, each with their respective ammo type and unique bonuses.

Battle Rifles.

Battle Rifles are fully automatic, precise and common weapons mid-to-late game, they have a capacity of 5 rounds each dealing almost the same damage as a revolver bullet, they are magazine/clip fed which means that all the bullets are loaded togheter, slightly lowering the reload time, however in order to be effective weapons the user needs to have a decent ranged skill (40 or more Skill Points) all Battle Rifles use "Rifle Bullet" as ammo.

Quality Variations (Battle Rifles):

Just like most weapons, the standard Battle Rifles also have a variation on their quality, you can expect the quality of your weapon depending where you found it, as some were stored in safe places and thus have are in a better state of conservation while others were ditched away and left to rot.

Feature Bonuses
Enhanced +25% Critical DMG
Reinforced +20% Critical DMG

+5% Critical Chance

Standard ---------------------------
Shaby -15% Critical DMG
Rusty -25% Critical DMG

Be careful when picking your rifle, as depending on the quality many stats may change such as critical damage, the total damage dealt by the weapon, accuracy and many other aspects which can be different depending on the weapon choosen.

Special Variants (Battle Rifles):

Special Variants are modified or even alternative versions of the standard Battle Rifle, each one has unique perks which can be very useful in certain situations, all special variants are rarer than the normal versions of the weapon but each can be found with moderate ease on some locations.

Name Special Feature
Midas Rifle
  • Enemies have a greater chance to drop Gold
Eletric Midas Rifle
  • Enemies have a greater chance to drop Gold
  • Deals Eletric damage
Devournament Rifle
  • Chance to cast "Vampirism"
Blood Rifle
  • Increased Damage
  • -5% Health per shot
  • Can be crafted only
Fire Rifle
  • Fire Damage
Cursed Rifle
  • Fire Damage
  • Can burn demons
Inferno Rifle
  • Fire Damage
  • Eletric Damage
Revolver Rifle
  • Shots pierce enemies and obstacles
  • Chance to cast "Armor Destruction

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are an alternative version of the Battle Rifle, they use an unique ammo with heavier caliber know has "Sniper Bullets", being the most accurate firearm in the entire game, they deal very high damage per bullet also they have higher max range (3-4 tiles instead of 2) however, the only way to adquire one is by crafting it on the shelter or with a special armor, the ammo also needs to be crafted and it is very limited (max of 20 bullets)

Quality Variations (Sniper Rifles):

Just like all crafted weapons, Sniper Rifles come in perfect quality with a few minor differences depending on the crafting level of your Crafting Station.

Special Variants (Sniper Rifles):

Name Special Features
Caustic Sniper Rifle
  • Creates an acid Poll on the tile
Necro Sniper Rifle
  • Chance to summon allied skeletons
Chaos Sniper Rifle
  • Chance to cast a random effect
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