One can recycle equipment and treasure at recyclers in exchange for other resources.


A Recycler 2.0 locates in the shelter, and has a 95% resource extraction efficiency and 12 times of recycling each time your character enters the shelter.

Recyclers 1.0, can be found in different caves, perform similar function to the 2.0 but with only ~65% extraction efficiency and ~5 times of recycling.

Results of Recycling

Resource extraction efficiency affects the quantity of some recycling products.

Recycled items determine the type of recycling products.

Results of recycling do not depend on the level of the equipment, i.e. the same equipment from later stages of the game does not give better recycling result.

  • Regular weapons give simple component.
  • Elemental/variant equipment have a chance to give corresponding elemental crafting components.
  • Artifacts have a chance to give gold, emeralds, simple components or other components. Rarer artifacts have a higher chance to give emeralds than gold.
  • Rare mining tools give emeralds. Other non-craftable equipment usually give gold.
  • Midas equipment gives gold.
  • Treasures give gold or emeralds. Such as Emerald Skull, Gold Skull and Gold Cup.
  • If the resulting crafting component is full in the inventory, that recycling gives gold or emeralds instead.

Special results:

Product Item Recycled
Electric Element Blink equipment, Energy equipment, Energy Swords
Plasma Element Type-6 'Eraser', Energy Swords, Plasma equipment, Blink equipment
Energy Crystal Energy Swords, Phase Energy Swords, Energy Hammer
Blood Crystal Blood equipment
Disintegrator Core Disintegrator
Phase Module Phase equipments
Teleporter Energy Swords 'Jumper'
Arc Discharger 'Mjolnir' Type-8 ‘Mjolnir’
Energy Core Type-6 'Eraser'
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