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"Ore is natural rock or sediment that contains one or more valuable minerals, typically metals, that can be mined, treated and sold at a profit. Ore is extracted from the earth through mining and treated or refined, often via smelting, to extract the valuable metals or minerals."

In Cavesrl ores are one of the most important itens in the whole game, with each ore having an specified use and their usefulness can range from currency and a type of secondary supply to even crafting components.

There is currently 4 different ores that the player can acquire while exploring the caves: Gold, Emeralds, Energy crystals and Blood crystals, and each one has it's own speciality.


Gold is the main currency in Cavesrl, being used to buy supplies, weapons, armor plates and a few blueprints, and although it is very rare, you can also use gold purchase minor upgrades from Merchants.

Gold is the second most common ore in the game, being found with ease on the walls of any cave of will ever step into.

Variations Can be found in: Rarity Locations Features
  • Gold ore
  • Gold coin
  • Stone walls
  • Dropped by a few enemies
  • Containners
  • Common
  • Main currency
  • Very Common


The only difference between Gold Coins and Gold ore, is that gold coins are usually dropped by enemies or found in containners in a quantity that may vary, while gold ore can be found on stone walls or after recycling an iten that had some gold in it.


Emeralds are a secondary currency in Cavesrl, they are slightly rarer than gold, and very few itens outside of the shelter can be bought using them.

But still, emeralds are can be used to unlock and install upgrades or modifications, Merchants will usually offer higher quality itens in exchange of emeralds, and on some places you can even buy gold coins in exchange of this ore.

Emeralds are uncommon ores, that can be found on the walls or even in crystal chunks.

Can be found in: Rarity Locations Features
  • Stone Walls
  • Crystal Chunks
  • Uncommon
  • Secondary currency
  • Can be used to buy upgrades
  • Can be used to install modules

Energy Crystals

Energy crystals are the most common ore in the whole game, being found with ease just about anywhere, they are very useful in any part of the game, since Energy crystals restore a certain amount of energy, which is a quite rare but extremely useful resource.

However despite the fact that Energy Crystals are very common and useful, this type of ore is very fragile, so most of the time when you mine it without high quality tools, you'll be able to retrive only small and unstable fragments that cannot be stored in the inventory (instant application) and will only restore small amounts of energy.

Also since Energy Crystals are only availble in the form of crystal chunks, there is a high chance that several of the Crystals on that location are going to be dormant Golems, making this one of he most dangerous ores on the caves if you don't have a proper combat gear.

Can be found in: Rarity Locations
  • Crystal chunks
  • Very common

Variations (Energy crystal)

Energy crystals are fragile ores, and due to this they come in several forms and shapes, each one with their own bonuses and features.

Variations Features
  • Energy Crystal
  • Restores a sufficient amount of energy (50%-70%)
  • Can be stored at the inventory
  • Can be purchased at the Vending machine
  • Energy Crystal (Shard)
  • Restores a small amount of energy (1-9)
  • Cannot be stored at the inventory
  • Instant application.

Blood Crystals

Blood Crystals are the rarest ore in Cavesrl, being only found on the some areas of the Lava Caves, Blood Crystals are very similar to the Energy crystals in almost every aspect, with the only difference being that they heal wounds instead of replenishing energy, and they do not appear in the form of crystal chunks.

Can be found in: Rarity Locations
  • Stone Walls
  • Red Container
  • Can be dropped by enemies
  • Rare

Variations (Blood Crystal)

Just like the Energy Crystals, Blood Crystals are quite fragile and due to this each crystal will come in different sizes and shapes, each one with their own features and capabilities.

Variations Can be found in: Feature
Blood Crystal (Shard)
  • Stone walls
  • Can be dropped by demons
  • Restores a small amount of health
  • Cannot be stored at the inventory
  • Instant application.
Health Crystal
  • Restores a decent amount of health (50%-70%)
  • Can be stored at the inventory
Bloody Crystal
  • Red containner
  • Crafting component
  • Can be stored at the inventory


The quantity and quality of the ores gathered is mainly influenced by the quality of the mining tools you are currently using.

For example: In order to get more Gold and Emeralds you are going to need a Midas Pickaxe or a Midas drill, while to increase your chance to get an intact Energy/Blood Crystal it is recommended to use a high quality mining device.

You can also collect almost any of these ores when you recycle an iten that might contain them, such as Midas Weapons in exchange for gold, Artifacts for emeralds and so on.

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