Caves (roguelike) Wiki

Locations are where the adventure of Caves occurs. Each location is like a stage or level. Difficulty increases and many values change as player get to a higher level. There is no end of location number, but the environment , i.e. cave types are either on of three. Each type of environment has a distinct Ancient Ruin underground, forming a total of six map types in the game (excluding Shelter).

All maps are bounded by a square periphery of undestroyable blocks. While the types and number of structures, chests, units, etc, are different in each map.

Each location usually has a Vending Machine and an Ancient Ruin. Every second location has a home portal for a return to the shelter.

The first to third locations of a run are always Caves, Acid Caves and Lava Caves orderly. While in late stages, distortion of the order can occur.

Cave Types

(Normal) Caves

- Where the underground creatures and souls habitate, same with the guardians and knights. The chaotic energy from multiple unknown sources is stated in many investigation files, but none was able to be confirmed by a single survivor.

  • Ore: Gold, Emerald
  • Enemy Faction: Skeleton, Robot, Golem, Goblin, Ogre, Spider, Guardian.
  • Guard's Fortress
    • Enemy Faction: Skeleton, Goblin, Spider, Guardian.

Acid Caves

- Characterized by the prevalence of battle robots, cyborgs and mutants that stem from the hazardous unknown, acid flows everywhere. What's worst, they seem to be all united to tear apart any guest into the laboratory, which has been abandoned for many years for some reasons...

  • Ore: Gold, Emerald
  • Enemy Faction: Skeleton, Robot, Mutant, Golem, Spider.
  • Explosive acid sacs on floor.
  • Abandoned Lab
    • Enemy Faction: Robot, Mutant.

Lava Caves

- This place was not supposed to be step onto by any mankind for centuries. The burning air and the lava pools alone can easily melt most armor. While you think this place is peaceful and sneak forward, soon you will find yourself surrounded by glowing eyes and horns.

  • Ore: Gold, Emerald, Blood Crystal Shard.
  • Enemy Faction: Demon, Golem, Slime.
  • Old Factory
    • Enemy Faction: Demons, Ancient Demons.

Magic Altar

Altar in an old appearance, glows upon touching.


Berry plants are found in Caves and Acid Caves. Stepping on taller vegetation has a chance to drop red or blue berries in hunger mode.


Red, Blue and Necro Mushrooms can be found in (Normal) Caves. Necro and Green Mushrooms can be found in Acid Caves. Fireshrooms can be found in Lava Caves. For utilities, see Consumables.

Crystal Chunks

Found in all locations. Some will be genuine and others will be Golems; There's no way of predicting if a crystal chunck is ordinary or not.

An Emerald Golem (emerald crystal), Energy Golem or Electric Golem (energy crystal) will rise if their respective crystal chunk is disturbed. The amount of Golems on every location is random.

Underground Pools

Acid pools can be found in Acid caves while lava pools in Lava caves. Both deal high damage to the character when stepped into.

Spider Web

Strengthens defence of spiders, weakens defence of some other units.

Special Chests

  1. Emerald Chest
    1. At the very bottom of every location there is an emerald chest containing a teleporter.
    2. Emerald chest(s) containing electric charge or plasma charge appear randomly on cave surface of all cave types. More common in late stages.
  2. Sapphire Chest - Contains blueprints. Behind cracked walls in ancient ruins.
  3. Golden Chest - Contains gold and/or midas item(s). Guarded by Gold Golem on cave surface.

Cave Surface Structures

Bomber Globin's House

Ogre House

  • Appears in (Normal) Caves.
  • Usually lived 2 - 3 Ogres.
  • Common loot.

Guardian's Outpost

  • Appears only in (Normal) Caves, more common in late stages.
  • Horizontal rectangle.
  • Several sentinels and (or) knight elites.
  • Has good quality loot.

Guarded Chests Room

  • 4x4 tiles
  • 2 chests, medium quality loot, usually contain crystals and scrolls.
  • Usually guarded by 2 elites, types not limited to cave surface spawn rule, i.e. ancient ruin elites can spawn in this structure.
  • Exit: some breakable walls.

Home Portal Room

  • Appear every second location/stage, can be detected with radar.
  • Variation 1: Functional console, pull the lever to create a home portal.
  • Variation 2: Broken console and a chest containing an energy core, need to install the energy core before use.
  • Variation 3: Broken console, very rare.
  • Exit: a gate exit or an open hole.

Merchant House

  • 4x4 tiles
  • Does not appear in Lava Caves.
  • A Merchant and a little of loots.
  • Sometimes raided by enemies.
  • Exit: a door exit.

Portal Room

  • Usually sentinel(s) or elite(s) adjacent to a portal.
  • Some Guardians need to be killed before using the portal.

Recycler Room

  • Guarded by a Scavenger T-5 (Only on the Caves surface).
  • Surface: 6x4 tiles, can be found in the Ancient Ruins.
  • A Recycler 1.0
  • A little of loots, mostly crafting components.

Ancient Ruins (Upper Floor)

  • Different patterns in different types of cave
  • Stairs to Ancient Ruins (Lower Floor)

Trap Room

  • 4x5 tiles.
  • 2x2 traps in front of 2 chests.
  • Surrounded by 3 sides of undiggable walls.
  • Medium quality loot.

Vending Machine

  • Sells different items on every location.
  • Guarded.
  • Some Armor Blueprints can be bought here.