Caves (Roguelike) is a mobile roguelike game, available for the Android platform, by the russian developer 36dev. Roguelike is a genre based on the game Rogue, and mostly, it shares some basic similarities between games:

  • Permadeath: Player characters die permanently; The game is hard and is constantly trying to kill you.
  • Randomly Generated Maps: Every dungeon is different from the last playthrough; sometimes the game is endless or has hundreds of levels;
  • Turn-Based Gameplay: Actions play out in turns;
  • Tile-Based Map: Map is divided into tiles; Enemies, items, objects and the player occupy tiles.

CavesRL applies these aspects in some way or another as the core of its gameplay. In addition, it also incorporates Mining and Block Destruction to the mechanics, allowing for more ways to collect resources and change the map.

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