Bows and Arrow Guns

Bows are simple ranged weapons composed of 2-3 parts, they are made of a flexible but strong material which is usually wood or steel, with a resistant string that the user needs place a projectile and to pull in order to shoot.

In Cavesrl, Bows are the most common ranged weapons, being found anywhere with ease and having a very cheap price compared to other weapons, they have the fastest reload time in the entire game (1 turn per arrow) all types of Bows and Arrow Guns use arrows as ammo.

Arrow types:

Although Bows/Arrow Guns with special Effects are very rare, there are several types of arrows the user can equip to make their weapon more effective, all arrow variations are on the list below.

Name Bonuses
Cursed Arrow
  • Deals Fire Damage
  • Can Burn Demons
Fire Arrow
  • Deals Fire Damage
Simple Arrow -----------------------------------------------
Eletric Arrow
  • Deals Eletric Damage
Acid Arrow
  • Creates an acid poll on the tile

Long Bow

Long Bows are one of the two bow types, they usually deal slightly less damage than a Pistol, but they take only one turn to reload and have a great accuracy.

Quality Variations (Long Bow):

Feature Bonuses
Reinforced Bow +15% Critical DMG
Hunter Bow +15% Critical chance
Standard ------------------------------
Weak -10% Critical DMG
Cracked -25% Critical DMG

Special Variations (Long Bow):

Name Special Feature
Midas Bow
  • Enemies have a greater chance to drop Gold
Devournament Bow
  • Chance to cast "Vampirism"
Bone Bow
  • Chance to deal very high damage
Necro Bow
Spiked Bow
  • Increased melee skill

Short Bow

Short Bows are the most common bow type in the game, they deal less damage per arrow than a Long Bow, but shoot twice per attack. However, unlike most weapons, short bows don't have any special variants.

Quality Variations (Short Bow):

Feature Bonuses
Standard ------------------------------
Weak -15% Critical DMG
Cracked -25% Critical DMG

Arrow Guns

Arrow Guns are the direct upgrade of all standard bows, they have a capacity of 3 arrows each dealing slightly higher damage than a Short Bow's arrow, they shot 3 arrows per attack and still have a very short reload time (1 turn per arrow).

Quality Variations (Arrow Gun)

Feature Bonuses
  • 5 Arrows capacity
  • +10% Critical Chance
  • +10% Critical DMG
  • 5 Arrows Capacity
  • Increased DMG
  • +5% Critical DMG
Standard --------------------------------
  • -20% Critical DMG
  • -30% Critical DMG

Special Variants (Arrow Gun)

Name Special Feature
Necro Arrow Gun
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