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GUIDE: Items and Equipment

Note: This guide is about weapons, belts, artifacts and quivers that have a synergy with the armor, this means those items works efficiently with the ability of the armor itself provides, so finding or crafting those will exploit the potencial of the perks. Here you will also find some builds recommendations.

Especial Effects:

Plasma kinetic Charge:

This ability allows to accumulate a bonus from all source of damage except poison, any fire or environmental damage (acid/lava pools).

The Bonus will increase the damage done, depending on the charge percentage; this means the more they hit you will increase the damage of weapons and Energy impulse, the effect will be deployed on a single attack with a especial kinetic discharge, this cycle continuous indefinitely as long as you take damage; you can also save kinetic charge for tougher fights but this is not sustentable unless you have enough healing items. Note that Plasma Kinetic Charge will wear out after some turns.

Any kind of teleportation (without exception) unleash a kinetic discharge around you and the damage is determined by the number of accumulated charge.

Overall View:

You should be focus on obtain high health and knowing all the healing sources in order to sustain all the harm received:

Vampirism effect on Robots will  drop energy crystals instead of health.

  • Scroll of Vampirism + Slime bottle
  • Devourment Weapons on enemies (except undead or demons) .
  • Scroll of inversion + Acid potions or getting poison from enemies (Poison can stack from different sources)
  • Potions and health crystals.

Using 'Blink' weapons type, allows to hit multiple times and different enemies (if there is any) on one turn as before mentioned this suits perfect for us, performing strong attacks every time we take damage, as a plus you can hit enemies that are far way from you. Setting those as main weapon will be highly recommended. Otherwise you can use scimitars or claws on early game. Scimitar doesn't take the kinetic charge on counter attacks and Claws can hit multiple times on a turn.

Note: Reducing the damage you take with artifacts (Balance sigil and fire sigil) affects the among of charge you gain, this is also affected by your defense, in some cases (like using defense scroll) you don't get any kinetic charge. It seems like the bonus its determined by how much health you lose on hit.

Tips and tricks:

Here you can leave your knowledge

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Armor Plate/ Belt / Quiver / Book
Type Name Icon Information Notes
Armor plate Armor plate T-1
Icon Armor Plate T-1.png
Info Armor Plate T-1.png
Increases your max amount of health

(can be bought on vending machine).

Belt Mechanical Belt T-2

Icon Mechanical Belt T-2.png
Info Mechanical Belt T-2.png
Increases the max among of health.

There is also the Granadier Belt T-1 it's more expense to craft and share same stats but gives increased grenade gun speed.

(Obtained by crafting in the shelter if recipe is unlock)

Quiver Reinforced quiver
Icon Reinforced quiver.png
Info Reinforced quiver.png
The Damage bonus stacks with green berserk Skull and Kinetic charge.

(Can be found in Ancient ruins, chests on caves)

Book Any of your preference


Here are some Artifact recommendations (if you are lucky enough to get those) .

Icon Protection Sigil.png
With Berserk 3.0: Allows to take damage on the firsts turns increasing your damage output, them progressively you will becoming tank, this is also great with Energy impulse which helps for keeping enemies at distance.
Icon Sentinel Amulet.png
This artifact benefit from all Multi hit Weapons by summoning more often the sentinel and boosting you damage per turn. Although this a very rare item it can be found on all the ruins.

Icon Green Berserk Skull.png
Icon Red Berserk Skull.png
With Berserk 3.0: Both Kinds of skull greatly increase your damage and are especially good to eliminate on one hit enemies, You can also take advantage of the penalty for damage taken as it gives you a greater increase in the plasma kinetic charge. Although these items should always be used with caution

Must find:

Here is a table of weapons that you should be looking to get on your playthrough.

Name Icon Information
Energy Claws 'Blink' II
Icon Energy claws 'Blink' II.png
Info Energy claws 'Blink' II.png
Energy Claws 'Blink'
Icon Energy claws 'Blink'.png
Info Energy claws 'Blink'.png
Hammer 'Blink'
Icon Hammer 'Blink'.png
Info Hammer 'Blink'.png
Energy Sword 'Blink'
Icon Energy Sword 'Blink'.png
Info Energy Sword 'Blink'.png
Necro Sword 'Blink'
Icon Necro Sword 'Blink'.png
Info Necro Sword 'Blink'.png
Name Icon Information
Revolver Rifle 'Blink'
Icon Revolver Rifle 'Blink'.png
Info Revolver Rifle 'Blink'.png
AP Revolver 'Blink'
Icon AP Revolver 'Blink'.png
Info AP Revolver 'Blink'.png
Necro Revolver 'Blink'
Icon Necro Revolver 'Blink'.png
Info Necro Revolver 'Blink'.png
Revolver 'Blink'
Icon Revolver 'Blink'.png
Info Revolver 'Blink'.png
Necro Bow 'Blink'
Icon Necro Energy Bow 'Blink'.png
Info Necro Energy Bow 'Blink'.png
Energy Bow 'Blink'
Icon Energy Bow 'Blink'.png
Info Energy Bow 'Blink'.png
Necro Shotgun 'Blink'
Icon Necro Shotgun 'Blink'.png
Info Necro Shotgun 'Blink'.png
Shotgun 'Blink'
Icon Shotgun 'Blink'.png
Info Shotgun 'Blink'.png